A grand masterpiece of history, art, architecture, gastronomy as well as breathtaking landscapes.

‘Open my heart and you will see, engraved inside of it, ‘Italy’.’ – Robert Browning, English Poet.

Italy has an enchanting power that makes everyone fall in love. One visit would never be enough to experience the charms of each diverse region. Italy’s past lives are visible as you wander in glorious cities like Rome, Florence and Venice. The architecture and artwork revealing the rise and fall of empires and ideas.

At Abercrombie & Kent, we pride ourselves on pushing the limits of luxury travel. We provide exclusive access to people and experiences in each destination, adding a deeper layer of connection and understanding. Meet local residents and Italian experts during wine tastings, cooking classes and guided art tours. Put your feet up in hotel suites that evoke the elegance of days gone by.

There are more than 20 A&K journeys that explore the treasures of Italy, starting from 4-day itineraries. Find a travel style that suits your desires, including small group journeys, private journeys, rail journeys and cruise tours.


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Continent Europe
Language Italian
Capital Rome
Population 60,452,568
Area 301,338 km²
Currency Euro

When to Go

Italy lies in the heart of the Mediterranean. It’s possible to find a pleasing climate all year round, especially in the coastal areas and islands.

If you want to laze on a beach along the Amalfi Coast then spring and summer temperatures will suit. Time your visit either side of European summer holidays or venture to lesser-known seaside locales for a more serene experience.

June and July are hot and busy. August is usually the hottest month, however, locals tend to abandon their towns for cooler mountain or coastal air. This means many shops and restaurants will close during this unofficial Italian summer holiday period.

Shoulder season, April to May and September to October, bring warm days and mild evenings that are perfect for exploring. Discover cities filled with art and architecture and visit cellar doors among undulating hillsides away from summer’s madding crowd.

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More Information About A&K's Italy

Experience a luxury tour in Italy

Italy has more UNESCO World Heritage culture sites than any other country. You’ll find the ghosts of ancient Rome etched upon hand-carved stonework in the Colosseum, the Pantheon and the Spanish Steps. Experience the birthplace of the Renaissance through great works of art by Botticelli, Raphael, and Da Vinci in Florence. And savour the romantic traditions kept alive by modern-day gondola builders in Venice.

Luscious landscapes
Italy’s masterpieces extend beyond the galleries. Pastel-painted villages cling to granite cliffs, marble mountains loom over medieval town squares, and sparkling shorelines are dotted with colourful, striped umbrellas. Italy’s distinctive regions are marked by transforming landscapes. Explore snow-covered peaks and glacial lakes, rugged islands and volcanic craters, and rolling green hillsides lined with vineyards and cypress trees.

Idyllic Island havens
Escape to a holiday on island time and revel in the natural beauty of the UNESCO-protected Aeolian Islands, the seven-island archipelago offering endless opportunities for relaxation and outdoor adventure. The cobalt-blue waters are perfect for sailing, swimming and diving, and the volcanic mountain landscapes are a hiker’s dream. Embark on an island-hopping adventure, soaking up idyllic scenes while savouring honey sweet Malvasia wine.

Mediterranean feasts
Discover a food philosophy that favours fresh and locally produced. Indulge your taste buds as you explore towns famous for handmade pasta, aged parmesan, truffles and bottarga. Sit down and slow down as you enjoy the simplicity or sophistication of recipes in nonna-run trattorias and fine-dining ristorantes. You could even try your hand at authentic cooking with the help of a local chef.

Luxury tours
Browse our luxury Italian tours or speak with one of our expert travel specialists to discover your perfect adventure. With so many incredible regions, cities and experiences on offer, you may need to decide what’s on the top of your bucket list.

Italy's Highlights

We are committed to ensuring you experience the best of Italy and do so in absolute luxury. Get in touch for a one-on-one consultation so that we can recommend the perfect holiday for you.

  • Village hop along the Cinque Terre in Italy’s Riviera
  • Enjoy wine tasting and dinner at the home of a local resident in Rome
  • Cook traditional Puglian cuisine in a rustic farmhouse
  • Cruise Lake Como on a private vessel
  • Visit museums and galleries to witness the world’s greatest artworks
  • Settle in for a traditional bacari ritual in Venice

Grand hotels and luxury villas in Italy

A&K luxury tours are accompanied by world-class accommodation and Italy is no exception.

One such gem is the five-star Castello del Nero in Tuscany. The 12th-century castle has marble bathrooms, medieval frescos, and an outdoor lap pool surrounded by 740 acres of postcard-perfect Tuscan countryside. Enjoy a relaxing massage in the tempting spa or dine on lobster ravioli in the elegant restaurant. Rest your head in opulent rooms with Egyptian cotton sheets and cashmere blankets.

Another A&K favourite is Hotel Brunelleschi in the heart of Florence. A 4-star hotel with 5-star qualities. Set in a restored Byzantine tower and medieval church, the hotel overlooks the iconic Florence Cathedral. The beds are comfy, the dining divine and the views are to die for. The building itself exudes an atmosphere of romance and adventure - a great feeling to carry with you as you explore the wonders of Florence.

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