Though tiny, this Buddhist kingdom in the Eastern Himalaya has cultivated an unspoiled culture and traditional lifestyle thanks to its isolation from the rest of the world.

Nestled among mountains and dense jungle in the heart of the eastern Himalaya, it abuts Sikkim and West Bengal to the south and Tibet to the north and is the most revered place of pilgrimage in the Himalayas. It was only in 1974 that it opened its pristine doors to just a few thousand tourists each year. A totally Buddhist kingdom, the people are a proud and happy race and the scenery and architecture overwhelming. In Bhutan A&K works with well respected partners who ensure guests are privy to all that this mysterious country has to offer. Guests will be introduced to this unique way of life which has been protected from the influences of the 21st century, where age-old fortresses guard mountain passes and colourful prayer flags flutter over Buddhist shrines and monasteries. Local communities wear their national costume like a uniform, there are few traffic lights and an innate reverence exists both inside and out of the palatial monk-filled dzongs.

Climb to see magnificent views from the Tiger’s Nest monastery above Paro Valley. Sip yak butter tea. Buy beautiful hand-made woven fabrics and textiles. Admire the unique architecture of the many magnificent dzongs. Watch local archery contests. Trek in the mountains with views of the Himalayas. Indulge in a traditional hot stone bath. Visit communities of monks. Drive to the rarely visited Tang Valley for off the beaten track palaces and monasteries and thriving cottage industries.

When to Go

Bhutan is a nation of festivals with regular events throughout the year. January: The Winter solstice is celebrated widely in western Bhutan. February: Losar (New Year) is celebrated nationally. March: The Paro Tshechu is a series of dances honouring Guru Rinpoche, the most important of Bhutan’s religious figures. September: The Thimphu Tshechu honours Guru Rinpoche with dance. Weatherwise: Whenever you go, it is likely to rain, but generally the climate is best in autumn (late September to late November) with clear skies and snow-capped peaks and again in spring (March to May) when flowers are in bloom and there is plenty of birdlife. Summer (June to August) is the monsoon season.

Featured Bhutan Journeys

Private8 days, from AU$12,150
Bhutan: Land of the Thunder Dragon

Venture high in the eastern Himalayas to one of the last untouched bastions of ancient civilisation, Bhutan.

Private8 days, from AU$12,150
Group of 1610 days, from AU$16,335
Bhutan: Mystical Himalaya - A Wellness Inspired Luxury Small Group Journey (2020)

Immerse yourself in stunningly scenic Bhutan, experiencing its deeply spiritual culture alongside friendly locals for whom happiness is a national priority, as you share the excitement of a lively tshechu festival, learn about traditional medicines a

Group10 days, from AU$16,335
Group of 1811 days, from AU$13,635
special offer
Bhutan & Nepal: Heart of the Himalaya - A Luxury Small Group Journey (2020)

Discover Bhutan and Nepal, two Himalayan countries little touched by the passage of time, as you view the stunning “Tiger’s Nest” Monastery, stroll through Kathmandu’s Durbar Square and enjoy a meal in the home of a local Nepali family.

Group11 days, from AU$13,635

Featured Accommodation

COMO Uma Paro

COMO Uma Paro is an intimate luxury resort hidden away in a delightful and serene forest in the Paro Valley, within easy distance of the tiny kingdom’s great cultural landmarks.


​Cross a suspension bridge over the Mo Chhu​ River to find luxury and serenity in Amankora, Punakha. One of Aman’s five locations in the wonderful Kingdom of Bhutan.

Uma by COMO Punakha

Uma by COMO, Punakha, is situated on a bend in the Mo Chu river, shrouded in the alpine stillness of the Punakha Valley. Uma offers guests exceptional access to some of Bhutan's most celebrated landscapes and historic sites.

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