So close to Africa, yet so vastly different in culture, terrain and biodiversity. Madagascar is a special place; it’s like nowhere else on Earth.

The lush highlands of Madagascar’s centre are in stark contrast to the open savannahs of the west and cactus forests that characterise the southern tip, and no island of its size can boast its diversity.

Home to hundreds of endemic species, including lemurs, chameleons and butterflies, the east African island is a destination for wildlife and nature enthusiasts.

Join us on an authentic experiential journey as we seek out indigenous lemurs, birds and reptiles, in amongst a backdrop of verdant green hills, sparkling azure ocean and towns with a twist of French colonial style.

Award-winning Journeys to Manafiafy, Andasibe National Park and Beyond

With cultures, landscapes and creatures found nowhere else on Earth, even experts in travel will discover something new. Start your journey to Madagascar in the country’s beautiful French-influenced capital of Antananarivo, situated in the midst of the central highlands, before a scenic drive to the country’s rural areas and on to Andasibe National Park.

Join a local guide by day as you explore the 810ha reserve seeking indigenous flora and fauna such as the Indri lemur. Your guided night walk will then reveal the region’s nocturnal creatures. The nearby Mantadia National Park is an exciting contrast, with rare orchids, lush plant life and tumbling waterfalls.

Experience the sacred community forests that hold the ancestral tombs of the Antandroy tribe, before visiting the rural town of Ifotaka to enjoy the local markets and food.

Extend your holiday to Madagascar and experience the diversity of mainland Africa with a trip to the west coast countries of Rwanda and Tanzania, or explore the cities and safaris of South Africa.

Madagascar's luxury high end accommodation

Each of your Madagascar accommodation options has been carefully hand-picked to provide you with an experience that perfectly complements your surroundings without sacrificing luxury and comfort.

Escape to Vakona Forest Lodge where your private bungalow is nestled amongst rainforest in the heart of the Malagasy nature near Tana. Or, explore the Andasibe and Mantadia reserves from the Andasibe Hotel, the perfect high end accommodation choice for adventure seekers.

Tour highlights from Madagascar experts

Our Africa travel experts have explored every corner of Madagascar to bring you award-winning, pioneering holidays. Choose from a range of activities and experiences that help you to embrace the very best of Madagascar:

  • Seek out nocturnal creatures including sifakas and sleeping white-foot sportive lemurs on a guided night walk
  • Explore the ancestral tombs of the Sacred Spiny forest
  • Enjoy a cultural interaction with the Antandroy tribe
  • Experience local life in the heart of the Ifotaka valley.

When to Go

Due to its large size, Madagascar’s climate varies greatly across regions, but overall the best time to visit is between April and November, outside of the wet season. Between October and December is a good time for lemur spotting, while August and September are the best months for migratory birds.

Expect cooler, wetter weather in the central highlands.

Featured Madagascar Journeys

Private10 days, from AU$6,685
Classic Madagascar

Discover one of travel’s final frontiers, where the people, creatures and landscapes are like nowhere else on the planet.

Private10 days, from AU$6,685
Private13 days, from AU$8,940
Classic Madagascar with Manafiafy

Discover one of travel’s final frontiers, where the people, creatures and landscapes are like nowhere else on the planet.

Private13 days, from AU$8,940
Group of 1012 days, from AU$15,990
A Naturalist’s Guide to Madagascar with Charlie Gardner - A Limited Edition Small Group Journey (2020)

Curious and other-worldly, Madagascar is full of surprises and extraordinary creatures. It has people, wildlife and landscapes found nowhere else on earth and a culture far removed from any of its near neighbours.

Group12 days, from AU$15,990
Group of 5026 days, from AU$202,825
Wildlife Safari: Around the World by Private Jet (2020)

Circle the globe by exclusively chartered private jet and experience the true wonder of the world.

Group26 days, from AU$202,825

Featured Accommodation

Manafiafy Lodge

​This small, intimate eco-lodge has been built by local craftsmen of stone, thatch and wood.

Pavillon de L'Emyrne

​Built in 1930, this charming guest house has been lovingly restored by its current owners. All of the rooms have been modernised and have WiFi access, air conditioning and satellite television.

Vakona Forest Lodge, Andasibe National Park

​Vakona Forest Lodge is located in the Andasibe area, 7 km from the Perinet Park entrance and 20 km south of Mantadia National Park.

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