Wrap yourself in colour, texture, culture, and adventure on a luxury tour of Bolivia.

Bolivia’s dramatic, rugged landscapes vary from the arid desert of the high plains to the hot, wet Amazon.

Part of the ancient Inca Empire, the country was colonised by the Spanish, but its population is predominantly made up of welcoming, friendly Aymara and Quechua-speaking Incan descendants.

From brightly coloured textiles and bustling markets to countryside villages that feel frozen in time, Bolivia is a travel destination guaranteed to inspire and delight the senses. While the country lacks the robust tourism infrastructure found in other parts of Latin America, part of what makes a visit to Lake Titicaca or Uyuni’s glistening salt flats so unique and special is that everything is both charmingly undeveloped and superbly beautiful.

Abercrombie & Kent is a proud pioneer of luxury travel in Bolivia. We take care to organise activities and experiences that showcase the country’s varied landscapes and introduce you to a landlocked piece of paradise.


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Decades of in-country expertise means our Journey Designers can curate exceptional activities and experiences for you that are beyond the reach of the average traveller. Piece these together as a framework for your own bespoke adventure or find them in our featured journeys.

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Continent South America
Language Spanish
Capital Sucre
Population 11,681,061
Area 1,098,581 km²
Currency Bolivian Boliviano

When to Go

Visitation peaks in August, with plenty of sunshine and moderate temperatures into the evening. If you are planning a holiday to Bolivia’s highland areas, April through October are sunny and dry, a welcome reprieve from the heavy summer rains between November and March.

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Bolivia's Highlights

Bolivia is a country as vast and varied as it is beautiful. Your Abercrombie & Kent travel specialist will see to it that you experience the best the country has to offer, all while enjoying home comforts. Activities include:

  • Travelling by cable car to take in breathtaking views of Mount Illimani
  • Bartering for colourful textiles at Santa Cruz’s El Abasto indigenous market
  • Gazing across Salar de Uyuni, the world’s largest salt flat
  • And more…

Inspired Accommodation in Bolivia

Guests who book a luxury holiday through Bolivia will experience this inimitable country in comfort and style. We go to great lengths to ensure every accommodation choice throughout your stay meets our exacting standards of safety, security, and comfort.

While Bolivia’s urban centres are home to a fine selection of hotels, including the charming Camino Real Hotel in Santa Cruz and Parador Santa Maria La Real in Sucre, we also include unique accommodation options that showcase Bolivia’s characteristic flavour and diversity.

You’ll be transfixed by Uyuni’s Luna Salada Hotel from the moment you lay eyes on it. Built almost entirely out of salt blocks, the property is more than a hotel -it’s a destination. Enjoy panoramic views of Salar de Uyuni from your bedroom window, and head off in the evenings for a remarkable stargazing tour.

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