Thailand: Legends of Siam

From gilded temples to bamboo jungles, embark on a mystical journey through the northern kingdoms of Thailand and Laos. Experience a place of mesmerising natural beauty tucked away in the mountains.

Journey Overview

Embark on an adventure through Thailand’s ancient history on this 12-day journey from buzzing Bangkok to dazzling Phuket. Delve into a bygone era, led by local experts as you stand in awe of architectural marvels, experience remote village life, and discover a creative legacy steeped in tradition. Taste true Thailand at every turn, venturing from thriving cities to idyllic island havens and experiencing the people, culture and cuisine that make this country so enchanting.

Journey Highlights

  • Discover Thailand’s regal heritage under the expert tutelage of a member of The Siam Society
  • Revel in the untold stories of the old Lanna kingdom while exploring historical Chiang Mai
  • Experience the extraordinary charm of Asian elephants with a stay at Four Seasons Tented Camp
  • Savour flavourful local cuisine on guided market explorations and village visits
  • Explore iconic Phi Phi Island on an exhilarating speedboat ride and snorkelling adventure
  • Enjoy leisurely days walking barefoot on the beach or simply relaxing among golden sands