Saudi Arabia

The birthplace and spiritual soul of Islam, this mysterious desert kingdom is one of travel’s last frontiers.

Uncover vast swathes of untamed beauty and a cultural legacy that will stir the senses.

There are so many surprises to be relished on a journey through Saudi Arabia. Feast your eyes on a stunning diversity of landscapes, from sculpted pink-red dunes and fertile oases to misty emerald mountains and the stunning Red Sea coast, home to some of the most spectacular snorkelling and diving in the world.

Saudi’s cultural treasures will leave you in awe. AlUla has only just opened to international tourists and is a living masterpiece of preserved tombs and honey-coloured temples that stretch back to the Stone Age — a show-stopping archaeological site with fascinating lessons into the evolution of the entire Middle East.

Riyadh is one of the wealthiest capitals in the world; a vibrant buzzing hub where ancient ruins and historic palaces contrast dramatically with soaring skyscrapers and dancing fountains. While along the coast, the azure waters of the Red Sea play host to pearly-white beaches and the port city of Jeddah, where heritage coral homes sit alongside historic souqs and mosques.

Eating in Saudi Arabia is sensational. Tuck into a cuisine fused with Yemeni, Bengali, Pakistani and Indian aromas, indulge in fresh seafood angled from the Red Sea and treat the palate to regular helpings of rich and succulent dates paired with golden Arabic coffee.

With our very own luxury travel office in Saudi Arabia, we set the standard for luxury travel to this fascinating destination. Our journeys to Saudi Arabia are carefully designed to immerse you in the country’s landscapes, history and culture in utmost comfort, safety and style with the best experts and academics you can find.


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REGION Middle East
POPULATION 34,858,507
AREA 2,150,000 km2
CURRENCY Saudi riyal

When to Go

With an arid desert climate and searing temperatures in summer (up to 50°C in some places), Saudi Arabia is best visited in the winter months between late October and early March when temperatures are milder (mid-high 20s during the day). However, the Asir Mountains in the southwest of the country experience heavy fog in the winter and should be visited before November or after February.

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Saudi Arabia has been open for travel since 2019 and its tourism sector is growing at a rapid pace. It is a surprisingly easy country to visit and our visitors report a remarkable experience that is mostly safe and welcoming. Despite common assumption, Saudi Arabia welcomes women guests, and A&K’s own office in Saudi Arabia aims to hire a majority of women employees.

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