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Abercrombie & Kent is committed to being the market leader in luxury travel through innovation, excellent product and exemplary customer service. We have a specialised team of journey designers on hand to answer all your travel queries and offer advice on destinations around the world. Our journey designers regularly visit all the destinations we cover and experience the A&K difference first hand to offer our clients unparalleled knowledge and a travel service that is second to none.

Our team have a strong passion for travel and delivering excellent client service that allows A&K to lead the way in luxury travel and to offer experiences that are unlike any other.

At A&K we pride ourselves on the service and standard of excellence that we give to you, our clients. This service extends to every stage of your journey with Abercrombie & Kent, from the very start of your enquiry to the phone call you receive from us when you get back from your holiday.


Ann-Marie Chapman

Head of Customer Sales and Services

Favourite Destinations: Antarctica, South America – Atacama in particular, Italy, France, Iceland and Bora Bora.

Bucket List Destinations: Namibia for the absolute beauty of the landscapes. Lençóis Maranhenses National Park in Brazil. An area of extraordinary beauty. Alaska / Canada to see a bear catching a salmon in a river or from a waterfall – ‘John West’ style. Japan to experience the winter colour. Scotland, Ireland & Wales to trace our family history.

Top Travel Tip: For me, one of my top planning tips is to give yourself some down time in your itinerary – some of the most magical moments I’ve experienced is when you have the time to just ‘be’ in a destination.

Nicholas Georgiou

Reservations Team Leader

Areas Of Expertise: Europe ,Asia ,North America.

Favourite Destinations: Peru, Vietnam & Argentina.

Bucket List Destinations: Egypt & Antartica.

Top Travel Tip: Dine where the locals Dine. Travel like a local not a tourist. Don’t forget the Camera.

Lisa Burke

Guest Relationship Manager

Favourite Destinations: Mexico, Turkey, Italy, South Africa, Argentina.

Bucket List Destinations: Galapagos Islands, Antarctica, Mahale NP Tanzania, Sal Salis @ Ningaloo Reef, New Zealand. My Bucket list focus is on natural beauty and wildlife that may not offer the same experiences in future generations.

Top Travel Tip: Try not to waste a single bite or sip of your travels on anything sub-par.

Sarah Kidd

Travel Specialist

Areas Of Expertise: Africa, India, Middle East, Latin America, Cruises.

Favourite Destinations: Botswana, Zambia & Chile.

Bucket List Destinations: Nambia – would love to photograph the dramatic landscapes and fly over along the Skeleton Coast.

Siobhan Pemberton

Travel Specialist

Areas Of Expertise: Africa & Asia.

Favourite Destinations: Rwanda, Namibia, Borneo, Vietnam and Botswana.

Bucket List Destinations: Madagascar, Peru, Patagonia & Iceland

Top Travel Tip: Disconnect to reconnect, turn your phone off, put your camera down and just enjoy being in the moment.

Pauline Stavrakis

Travel Specialist

Areas Of Expertise: Latin America, Middle East, Europe, Cruises.

Favourite Destinations: Galapagos Islands, Italy, Antarctica, South Georgia Island, Cuba.

Bucket List Destinations: Uganda or Rwanda, to see the magnificent mountain gorillas.

Top Travel Tip: Try not to rush, it is a holiday!

Chloe Kurts

Travel Specialist

Areas Of Expertise: Africa, India, Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand, Cruises.

Favourite Destinations: Okavango Delta in Botswana, Rajasthan in India and Umbria in Italy.

Bucket List Destinations: Morocco, the colour, the incredible food, wonderful mosques and muslim cultural sights – the call to prayer is one of my favourite sounds. The shopping alone – souks are my happy place, the ocean – Essaouira or Safi for some downtime. And Rwanda to see the amazing Gorillas, incredible biodiversity, volcanoes and montane rainforests!

Top Travel Tip: If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!

Vannesa Urrutia Paulsen

Travel Specialist

Areas Of Expertise: Small Group Journeys, Middle East.

Favourite Destinations: Patagonia, Scotland, The Amazon, Italy and Philippines.

Bucket List Destinations: All Africa, Borneo (Sabah), Japan, Papua New Guinea, and Antarctica. I chose these destinations mostly for their fascinating nature, wildlife and culture.

Top Travel Tip: The whole world awaits and now is the time to explore it… see it and enjoy while we help you to go on the most incredible adventures.

Lisa Sawers

Travel Specialist

Areas Of Expertise: Small Group Journeys, Cruises, Middle East & Asia.

Favourite Destinations: Bhutan, Japan, Botswana, Uganda, Argentina.

Bucket List Destinations: Norway – to see the Northern Lights. Antarctica – because Wow! It looks incredible and is the 7th continent and only continent I haven’t yet visited. Kenya/Tanzania to witness the Great Migration.

Top Travel Tip: Slow down and stay longer to really immerse yourself fully into the destination.

Brendan Loughnan

Travel Specialist

Areas Of Expertise: India & Asia.

Favourite Destinations: India, Southern Africa, Jordan, Peru, New Zealand, Italy.

Bucket List Destinations: Japan, Borneo, Vietnam, Costa Rica, Tanzania, Cuba.

Top Travel Tip: Ask your guide where they like to eat when they go out. Otherwise, they might only recommend places that cater only to the Western palette, i.e. tourist traps. Try new and strange things; even if you don’t like it, you won’t regret the experience. And if you visit Petra or the Taj Mahal, make sure you are the first one there in the morning!

Hannah McMillan Phillips

Travel Specialist

Areas Of Expertise: Small Group Journeys, Australia & New Zealand.

Favourite Destinations: Pacific Islands, India, Thailand.

Bucket List Destinations: Africa, Switzerland & South America, my true passion is to immerse myself in the culture and natural beauty around the world.

Top Travel Tip: Speak to locals, they know the best places to eat, drink and hidden gems. The lessons learnt while travelling are endless, slow down and take the time to enjoy every moment.

Kathryn Heness

Inbound Reservations Manager

Areas Of Expertise: Australia & New Zealand.

Favourite Destinations: The Kimberley, Italy, Mexico.

Bucket List Destinations: Iceland to see the northern lights. Uganda to see the Gorillas in their natural habitat. Cuba- to experience the mix of history, culture and Caribbean beaches.

Susan Haberle

Head of Sales & Partnerships

Favourite Destinations: ITALY!! Japan, Peru, Scandinavia, Anywhere in Europe!

Bucket List Destinations: Antarctica – a truly edge of the world experience. Botswana – a colleague just returned and was so wowed away. Cuba – love Sth and Central America but as yet to get to Cuba! Seychelles – on my bucket list is A&K’s Luxury Expedition Cruise to Tanzania and the Seychelles.

Top Travel Tip: Travel is the only thing you pay for that makes you richer.

Alexa Papoulias

Regional Sales Manager (NSW/ACT)

Favourite Destinations: France, home to the 3 C’s: champagne, cheese & croissants. What’s not to love? Queenstown. The most stunning scenery I have ever experienced. A destination which I would love to go back to, thankfully it is a short flight from Sydney.

Bucket List Destinations: I love visiting off-the-beaten-path destinations when I travel, so Mongolia is definitely up there for me. I would love to stay in a yurt and watch the wild Mongolian horses run free across the desert plains.

Top Travel Tip: Travel as far and as wide as you can, life is not meant to be lived in one place.

Hannah Taylor

Regional Sales Manager (VIC/TAS/SA/NZ)

Favourite Destinations: India – I lived and went to school here as an exchange student, so it holds a special place in my heart. The culture, history, colours and festivals make this country so incredible. Greece (in particular the beauty of the islands), Italy for the food, wine, history and scenery, and Argentina would also make my ‘favourites’ list.

Bucket List Destinations: Japan for the culture, food, history and art. Antarctica for the penguins and scenery, and Africa in particular Kenya, Tanzania & Botswana for the national parks, natural beauty and wildlife.

Top Travel Tip: Experience the moment, do not spend the whole time trying to get the perfect photo on your phone. Also, try all of the food.. Your diet should not exist when you are on holidays!

Katrina Thirkell

Regional Sales Manager (QLD/WA/NT)

Favourite Destinations: Having so far ticked off 64 countries, there are so many favs for different reasons! Egypt for history, Peru for culture, Philippines for beaches, Canada for scenery and Cambodia for its people.

Bucket List Destinations: Africa, Sri Lanka, Cuba, Morocco, India, Iceland.

Top Travel Tip: Whenever travelling I always take a travel powerboard so that I can easily recharge phones/watches/cameras/computer etc simultaneously. Packing cells are my saviour whilst travelling ( trust me, if you haven’t used them they are lifechanging!), and I always try to pack clothes that don’t require ironing! I also try to learn a few words of the local language in the destination of travel, and find that it’s often an icebreaker with the locals who often laugh at my terrible pronunciation but appreciate the effort.

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