This tiny gem of a country offers stunning alpine scenery, lakes, chrystal-clear rivers, caves and castles.

Slovenia's borders include Italy, Austria, Hungary as well as Croatia, each country giving its own influences on modern Slovenia.

From a landscape incorporating sandy beaches, snow capped mountains, vineyards teeming with grapes and fields full of sunflowers, to its Baroque and Gothic churches and buildings, the diversity of the country is evident.

Renowned for their hospitable nature towards visitors, no visit to Slovenia would be complete without a meal in a traditional Gostilinas, the heart of Slovenian food and culture. Usually familiy - owned and preserving the local traditions for homemade healthy dishes, Gostilinas will provide you with at least three dishes and a fantastic array of home grown wines, for you to sample. This is one of the reasons why guests will come back to this area again and again.

When to Go

A&K Europe Travel Experts suggest that spring, April and May is an excellent time to travel to Slovenia, as everything is green and abundant. Summer months can be hot and are busy, September and October are cooler and winter is perfect for those who wish to ski.


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Slovenia Europe
Language Slovenian
Capital Ljubljana
Population 2,078,969
Area 20,271 km²
Currency Euro

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