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Adventure by day, luxury by night — witness the untold majesty of nature’s greatest theatre.

In 1962, Abercrombie & Kent pioneered the very first luxury safari. Since then, we haven’t looked back.

An A&K safari is a call to witness the untold majesty of nature’s greatest theatre — with the experts. Witness rush hour with a difference in the wilds of Tanzania, as tens of thousands of wildebeest embark on their annual Great Migration. Trek deep into the forested havens of Rwanda in search of the magnificent mountain gorilla. Be mesmerised as you lock eyes with the elusive Bengal tiger in India or the endangered one-horned rhino in Nepal.

From the lily-covered lagoons of Botswana’s Okavango Delta and the stark dunes of the Namib Desert to the vast horizons of the Serengeti, you’re placed front row in elite game reserves and unspoilt national parks getting up-close and personal with wildlife under the careful watch of the best guides in the world.

A safari with A&K offers unrivalled expertise, jaw-dropping encounters and ample time to indulge in the finest luxury camps and villas you can imagine.

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Decades of in-country expertise means our Journey Designers can curate exceptional activities and experiences for you that are beyond the reach of the average traveller. Piece these together as a framework for your own bespoke adventure or find them in our featured journeys.

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