A major hit of the surreal and the beautiful.

Iceland delivers a major hit of the surreal and the beautiful. Returning travellers' tales suggest that, for a few wonderful days, normal life is suspended. They recall sitting in hot tubs under the stellar theatrics of the northern lights; a helicopter landing on the lava field next to their lodge - 'we were expecting a helipad, but no, not in Iceland' - and driving onto vast Langjokull Glacier where the feeling of space was 'extraordinary and immense'.


June to September is a great time to enjoy a mild ocean climate thanks to the Gulf Stream. It is relatively mild in winter and cool in summer but this is when you can enjoy almost 24 hours of daylight. The weather can change several times during the day. In midwinter, whilst there is little daylight, it is one of the best times to see the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis).

Featured Iceland Journeys

Group of 19915 days, from US$15,495
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Arctic Cruise Adventure: Norway, Greenland & Iceland (2018)

Cruise on all-balcony 'Le Boreal' to pristine and rarely seen Arctic islands, visiting the polar bear haven of Svalbard, glacier-covered Jan Mayen and an Inuit village on Scoresby Sound.

Group15 days, from US$15,495
Group of 2410 days, from US$10,995
Connections Boutique Group Journeys - Iceland: Geysers & Glaciers (2018)

Take in this stunning island nation on an unforgettable journey that spans volcanic landscapes, thermal swimming pools and glacial rivers, ancient Viking villages, and coastal towns rich in tradition.

Group10 days, from US$10,995
Private7 days, from AU$12,865
Land of Fire & Ice

​With its rugged, volcanically active terrain, few countries showcase the activity of Mother Nature better than Iceland.

Private7 days, from AU$12,865
Private7 days, from AU$10,375
Iceland & the Northern Lights

This winter journey takes you to one of the most visually breathtaking countries in Europe to see the Northern Lights.

Private7 days, from AU$10,375


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