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Luxury African Safaris


  • Over 60 Years in Safari Experience
  • Best Safari Guides
  • Incomparable Travel Experiences
  • Luxury Accommodations
  • Bespoke Itineraries
  • Fleet of Custom Safari Vehicles
  • Commitment to Local Communities
  • 24/7 A&K On-Call Support

Journey to the unspoiled natural beauty of Africa for an unforgettable luxury African safari experience.

Abercrombie & Kent pioneered the modern safari, and no one has higher standing in Africa. Our longstanding relationships from Nairobi to Cape Town allow us to offer an unrivalled safari experience, from luxurious mobile camping to the finest expert-led game viewing in Africa.

Step into East Africa, a world of wildlife and beautiful landscapes that is ideal for a photo safari. Consider a safari in Uganda to track a family of endangered mountain gorillas, or head to Southern Africa and combine top-notch game viewing with South Africa’s peerless food, wine and cultural attractions.

A&K’s African safaris have won acclaim from guests and travel professionals alike, and have been named “Africa’s Leading Luxury Tour Operator” at the World Travel Awards many years over. With nearly 60 years of experience arranging luxury African safaris, let us make yours the adventure of a lifetime.


Over 60 Years in Safari Experience

Best Safari Guides

Incomparable Travel Experiences

Luxury Accommodations

Bespoke Itineraries

Fleet of Custom Safari Vehicles

Commitment to Local Communities

24/7 A&K On-Call Support


African Safaris

Why Choose an A&K Safari

Nearly 60 Years of On-the-Ground Experience

From our start in Kenya in 1962, Abercrombie & Kent pioneered the modern luxury African safari. Today, A&K is still setting the standard for an African journey like no other, delivering authentic, inspiring experiences, as we live and work in the same places you visit.

A Peerless Local Presence

Our long-standing connections — and 18 permanent, full-time offices in Africa — allow us to offer the most desirable room categories wherever you stay, the best game-viewing locations for lodges and camps, and unmatched service at every stage of your journey.

Only the Finest Safari Camps and Lodges

From Sanctuary Chief’s Camp in Botswana to Angama Mara overlooking the Masai Mara, our guests enjoy unexpected havens of five-star comfort in the heart of Africa. And each authentic, veranda-fronted tent or amenity-laden lodge is expertly positioned away from crowds and near an abundance of wildlife and scenic views.

Simply the Best Safari Guides

It is often said that a guide can make or break a special journey. We agree. A&K’s safari guides are the best in the world and deliver superlative experiences in every destination. They are handpicked for their expertise in the wildlife, flora and culture of Africa. Each possesses insight to ensure the finest vantage points for game-viewing or placing you right in the centre of the action.

Custom Safari Vehicles We Design, Build and Own

While other safari providers rent or lease their vehicles, A&K owns and maintains its own custom fleet — the finest in East Africa and elsewhere. Our fleet is built to our specifications, with high front and side windows providing great views, air-conditioning in most vehicles, a refrigerator filled with chilled water, and even Wi-Fi access.

A Long-Standing Commitment to Local Communities

Working hand-in-hand with Africa’s tribes and villages, we fund schools and clinics, and generate opportunities for employment that benefit local communities. Our guests are welcome to participate in these life-changing projects sponsored by Abercrombie & Kent Philanthropy.


Southern Africa or East Africa

Which A&K safari journey best suits your interests?

Southern Africa: Dynamic and Diverse

Encompassing the nations of South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Namibia, Southern Africa offers dynamic topography, including the upland forests of Botswana, incomparable Victoria Falls, the stark Namib Desert and the bushveld of South Africa’s private reserves. The wildlife is similarly diverse, with lion, leopard and cheetah always on the prowl. Botswana’s lush Okavango Delta draws hippo, giraffe, crocodile, rhino and baboons, which A&K guests encounter on uncrowded private game reserves. South Africa especially offers first-rate culinary and cultural opportunities, ranging from award-winning wineries to historical sites in cosmopolitan Cape Town.

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East Africa: A Classic Appeal

East Africa — including Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda — is classic safari country. Home to the vast Serengeti and Masai Mara as well as the teeming Ngorongoro Crater, it has formed the backdrop for legendary safari expeditions and served as the birthplace of A&K. Africa’s iconic species — lions, leopards, elephants, rhinos and Cape buffalo — are sighted here in vast numbers and on a regular basis, while up-close encounters with endangered mountain gorillas are available on an extension to Uganda or Rwanda. East Africa also bears witness to the Great Migration, when millions of herd animals make their annual trek in search of water and fresh grazing land, stalked by predators every step of the way.

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A Day on Safari

Being on safari, in the wilds of Africa, means seeking out rare wildlife in its natural habitat. This is how a typical day in the bush might unfold.

Your luxury safari in Africa begins early, with a hot mug of coffee or tea delivered to you in bed. Outside, the sun is just beginning to peek over the horizon, and you emerge dressed for the day and armed with camera and binoculars. Marvel at the landscape which is stunning in its vastness and tranquility. Fortified against the early morning chill, board your safari vehicle with your driver/guide and set out on the first of the day’s game drives.

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