A Day on Safari

Being on safari, in the wilds of Africa, means seeking out rare wildlife in its natural habitat. This is how a typical day in the bush might unfold.
September 2020

Your luxury safari in Africa begins early, with a hot mug of coffee or tea delivered to you in bed. Outside, the sun is just beginning to peek over the horizon, and you emerge dressed for the day and armed with camera and binoculars. Marvel at the landscape which is stunning in its vastness and tranquility. Fortified against the early morning chill, board your safari vehicle with your driver/guide and set out on the first of the day’s game drives.

While each area has its own distinct wildlife population, there is little predicting what you will see in the bush. Elephant may gather around a watering hole; a pair of male cheetah may be seen scanning the surrounds for signs of prey; hyena, perhaps, tear into an early-morning kill; and herds of grazing giraffe and zebra may march across the plains. Your experienced guide has a sixth sense when it comes to wildlife and never fails to get you into the heart of the action. After a few hours of game viewing, stop for a hearty breakfast, either back at your accommodation or at a table laid specially for you in the wild.

In Africa, the animals lie low during the midday heat, so you do, too. After lunch back at camp, there’s time to nap, lounge by the pool, take a short nature walk or maybe a spa treatment, or simply relax soaking up the pristine surrounds.

After a light afternoon tea, set out on a second game drive. As the sun starts to set, stop at a scenic spot for sundowners, the quintessential sunset cocktails on safari, before returning to camp. Dinner in the bush is always an event, with freshly prepared, multi-course meals at elegant tables. After dinner, gather around the campfire for stories and stargazing, or retire in preparation for another inspiring day on safari.

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