Emerging from economic privation more vibrant and distinctive than ever before, Cuba is the Caribbean’s diamond in the rough.

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Vintage cars, cigars and avant-garde theatres are just the surface of what Cuba has to offer. Dig deeper and discover the old haunts of Hemingway, world heritage sites and a vibrant and emerging art scene.

Cuba is one of the hottest destinations in the Caribbean region with an abundance of cultural and scenic attractions plus a rich arts scene and intoxicating music. Newly relaxed relations with the U.S. mean that the country is on the brink of an exciting new era. Travelling to the capital Havana reveals beautifully dilapidated buildings in a multitude of pastel shades, 1950s Cadillacs cruising the streets, an energising salsa scene and dining in family run paladares. Beyond the city are the charming colonial towns of Trinidad and Cienfuegos in the south, tobacco plantations where visitors can learn to roll their own cigars, an overview of the slave trade in the plantations of the sugar barons and an insight to Santería, the uniquely Caribbean religion that combines Christian beliefs with West African deities.

Hotels in Cuba are not luxurious but are well-appointed and well located. Services are improving there all the time but be prepared for varying standards and you will be thoroughly rewarded by what you experience.

Best time to travel to Cuba
Our Latin America travel experts suggest that Cuba is best visited from December to May, when dry, sunny days and plenty of blue sky is the norm. The wet season begins in June and although there is hurricane risk June-November these rarely hit the island directly, instead producing intermittent heavy rain and strong winds.

Featured Cuba Journeys

Group of 248 days, from AU$8,815
Cuba: People to People - A Connections Boutique Group Journey (2019)

Discover inspiring Havana, Trinidad and Cienfuegos on an immersive, people-to-people program, featuring authentic firsthand encounters with locals from all walks of life, accompanied by an expert Cuban guide and a dedicated A&K Program Director.

Group8 days, from AU$8,815
Private13 days, from AU$9,995
Secrets of Cuba (2018)

Welcome to Cuba at its most alluring. Delve deep into the surprises and contradictions of Havana.

Private13 days, from AU$9,995
Private13 days, from AU$10,425
Secrets of Cuba (2019)

Vibrant and alluring, Cuba is the Caribbean’s diamond in the rough and on this journey you’ll experience the quintessential charm of the place, its vintage cars, its cigars, its rich colonial history and avant-garde art scene.

Private13 days, from AU$10,425
Private7 days, from AU$6,795
Cuban Rhythms

Welcome to Cuba, where the mojitos are sweet, the architecture is astounding, and a new era is dawning.

Private7 days, from AU$6,795


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