Experience the drama and adventure of Spain on a luxury journey

It’s hard to think of Spain as a single entity. It’s more like an infinite jigsaw. Each region, culture and custom fitting together to create a captivating canvas of pure wanderlust.

Meet the fiercely proud Basque people in the north, discover the Celtic province of Galicia, explore the Moorish architecture of Andalucia and feel the electric energy of Madrid and Barcelona. Spain has enough cultural traditions, architectural sites, natural beauty and tasty tapas to keep travellers engrossed for aeons.

There’s a flavour for everyone in Spain, and Abercrombie & Kent will help you find your favourite. From sultry nights and flamenco in the south to lazy days by the Mediterranean to mountain adventures in the north. Wherever you go, you’ll find beauty abounds in Spain’s landscapes, buildings and, most importantly, its passionate people.


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Continent Europe
Language Spanish
Capital Madrid
Population 46,754,778
Area 505,990 km²
Currency Euro

When to Go

Spain’s Mediterranean climate brings hot, dry summers (June to August) and cool, wet winters (December to February, making spring (March to May) and autumn (September to November) the best time for exploring Spain in all its glory.

Spring is synonymous with warm weather and abundant fiestas, as well as the celebrated Semana Santa (Holy Week) festivities. It’s easy to fall in love with Spain when almond blossoms cloak terraced hillsides. The countryside is not the only thing in full swing, with cities like Madrid and Barcelona bursting to life with colour and charisma.

Pleasant temperatures, the start of wine harvest and thinning crowds make autumn sightseeing the most enjoyable. Sip a delicious local drop as you drink in the colour-changing landscapes around you.

Spanish summer heat can be overbearing, but if you pack light clothing and travel at a leisurely pace, a summer visit can be idyllic. Explore dreamy coastal towns and visit lively tapas bars, luring you in for another serving of Iberico ham, patatas bravas or sizzling garlic prawns.

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Experience Spain's myriad treasures on a luxury tour

Each region of Spain could be its own country. Spain is made up of seventeen semi-autonomous regions, each with a traditional culture and language. In Barcelona, the people speak Catalan; in San Sebastián, they speak Basque; and in Galicia, they speak Galician. Although everyone can speak Spanish, they’re fiercely proud of their native tongue and traditions.

Spain is not your typical European holiday
Cultural curiosities unfurl as you travel around Spain on one of our luxury small group journeys or on your own a bespoke private itinerary. Whether you’re travelling with a close friend, your life partner or a multi-generational family group, you’ll be amazed by what’s in store.

Although situated in Europe, sometimes Spain can feel more like northern Africa – and not just because of the heat. Striking Moorish architecture is a marked change from the classical architecture of Europe. The Alhambra in Granada, the Mezquita in Córdoba and the Real Alcázar in Seville are three unmissable gems.

Enjoy the contrasts of Spanish, European and African culture by combining your Spanish sojourn with a trip to Portugal, Italy or Morocco.

Enjoy a few cultural clichés
Wander into a bar in Seville or Granada, and you’ll likely witness a spontaneous flamenco show. Expertly picked guitar strings invite others to sing along. Then, of course, the dancing begins. Indulge in a Tempranillo rosé or a full-flavoured sangria while stopping in at one of the many tapas bars. Devour storied Iberico ham – a traditional delicacy that shouldn’t be missed. And the best bit, you can have a guilt-free afternoon nap. Siestas are expected between the hours of 2 pm and 4 pm. Outside of Barcelona and Madrid, you might find shops and businesses closed at this time, so you might as well join in.

Spain has lively cities and stunning countryside
Experience the culture and nightlife of Barcelona. Explore the heartland of Flamenco in Seville. And discover a world of art in Bilbao, Madrid and Valencia. But don’t just stay in the cities. Visit Ronda, the magical rocky outcrop that inspired Orson Welles and Ernest Hemingway. Witness the beautiful vineyards of Rioja, the mountains of Málaga, the high cliffs of Galicia and pristine coves with not a sunbed in sight.

Spain's Highlights

  • Admire the striking architecture of Gaudí in Barcelona
  • Visit an authentic bodega to sample sherry in the famed region of Jerez
  • Take a culinary adventure in Seville with an evening tapas tour
  • Catch a traditional flamenco performance in its place of birth
  • Roam exquisite Islamic architecture in Granada, including the breathtaking Alhambra
  • Enjoy a privately guided tour of Madrid’s Prado Museum
  • Taste the wines of Rioja and the Penedès

Unparalleled luxury accommodation in Spain

We pride ourselves on being able to craft immersive journeys that take you into the heart of a destination. Handpicked accommodation enriches your stay and allows you to rest your head in the lap of luxury. In Spain, that means waking up in grand palaces, chic urban establishments and atmospheric rural boltholes.

Hotel Alfonso XIII
In the heart of Seville sits one of Spain’s most prestigious hotels. Commissioned by King Alfonso XIII to give court guests the world’s most luxurious hotel, the architecture and atmosphere are palatial. More recent renovations reflect the Moorish culture of southern Spain. Decorative arches, intricate tilework, peaceful courtyards and stately rooms are enhanced by warm colours, dark wood and sumptuous fabrics.

El Palace Hotel
Opened by César Ritz – the king of hoteliers and hotelier to kings – El Palace is a luxury hotel on a grand scale. Located in the centre of Barcelona, just a short walk from Las Ramblas and the renowned shopping district, this 5-star hotel is a prestigious symbol of Spain’s tradition of exceptional hospitality. Step into a bygone era of marble columns, crystal chandeliers and gold fabrics that reflect an elegant opulence. Some rooms have the original Roman baths and antiques hand-picked by Ritz himself.

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