Discover rugged, stunning landscapes, mythical wildlife and luxury anew on an adventure into the Arctic Circle.


A destination for adventure-seekers and wildlife enthusiasts alike, the unspoiled Arctic is framed by long, narrow inlets, towering glaciers, rugged cliffs and the warm glow of the midnight sun.

Follow in the footsteps of some of the world’s most decorated explorers as you navigate to little-known corners of the Arctic Sea and beyond, soaking up the beauty and bounty of the region from the comforts of an A&K-chartered luxury expedition cruiser.

Explore the remote archipelago of Svalbard in Norway’s remote north where reindeer, polar bear and walrus frequent the pristine wilderness; observe colonies of seabirds on rugged Jan Mayen island at the confluence of the Greenland and Norwegian seas; seek out whales in the icy waters; wander through remote settlements on the Greenland coast, learning about the area’s rich cultural heritage and admire the region’s resilient flora; marvel at Iceland’s impressive waterfalls, glacial lagoons, lava formations and geothermal activity. And navigate the seldom-voyaged Northeast Passage from Tromso, Norway to Nome, Alaska, visiting remote settlements across the Russian High Arctic, rarely-seen Siberian islands, isolated wildlife habitats and Arctic nature reserves along the way.

A&K has been pioneering experiential polar voyages for nearly 30 years, setting the standard for luxury Arctic expedition cruising. With A&K, no two expeditionary cruises are ever the same. Our experienced crew takes advantage of the ever-changing conditions and wildlife habits of the region to dynamically design your adventure to one of the world’s most unpredictable environments.


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Well before you even board your ship, every aspect of your voyage has been designed and arranged by A&K’s long-standing experts from around the world. Every detail is then overseen by your award-winning Expedition Team, comprising accomplished adventurers with decades of experience in marine biology, physics, photography, geology, history and more. This remarkable group (numbering around 20) is handpicked by A&K and joins an already robust ship staff on every voyage.

Simply the Best Guides

Our 30-year luxury cruising legacy is led first and foremost by our intrepid, award-winning Expedition Team. These individuals are the educators and the pioneers, the adventurers and the legends — real-life explorers.

A Guinness World Record holder in ocean rowing, a Siberian National Geographic photographer and a polar bear expert — these are just a few of the dedicated experts who travel alongside you on A&K’s voyages to the Arctic. And every cruise features an A&K professional photography coach, who offers workshops, tips and tricks for shooting on everything from mobile devices to professional-grade cameras.

Simply the Best Ships

Since our first voyage in 1991, our commitment to sustainability has always been a top priority, and we exclusively charter ships that mirror our passion for the environment and which boast clean-ship certifications. Each vessel is equipped with the latest eco-friendly technology, reduced fuel consumption using only environmentally compliant fuel types; and computerised dynamic positioning systems that minimise the need to anchor in fragile marine reserves. Our chartered ships also maintain 100% traceability of all waste, ensuring nothing ends up in the water or on land.

Commitment to Conservation

Conservation and philanthropy have been integral parts of A&K’s operations for decades, long before they became de rigueur for other operators. Committed to serving as stewards for the world’s wildest places, Abercrombie & Kent Philanthropy is proud to support numerous projects in the polar regions, some of which you may experience on an A&K Luxury Expedition Cruise.

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