Wonders of Chile

Journey the entire length of Chile and venture into a land of wild extremes, from the vast Atacama Desert to the rugged wilderness of Patagonia.

Journey Overview

Perfectly positioned between the ocean and the Andes, Chile flaunts natural wonders on an epic scale, with an incredibly diverse landscape of parched dunes, fertile valleys, great volcanoes, ancient forests, massive glaciers and breathtaking fjords. From charismatic and arty Santiago and the ethereal moonscapes of the Atacama Desert to the soul-stirring wilderness of Patagonia and vineyards of the famous Maipo Valley, this immersive Chilean adventure is truly unforgettable.

Journey Highlights

  • Hike to the world-renowned Gray Glacier in the Torres del Paine
  • Horse ride through Cerro Guido Estancia with panoramic views of the Paine Massif
  • Hear Chilean stories of the sky on an Atacama stargazing odyssey
  • Feast your eyes on the Tatio Geysers of the Atacama Desert
  • Uncover Chilean history and art in vibrant Santiago
  • Sampled the renowned wines of the Maipo Valley, one of the Chile’s oldest and most prestigious wine regions