From hip Dublin, to raw landscapes, wild coastlines, country pubs, lively folk music and dance, Ireland has much to offer.

Ireland is a popular tourist destination for many reasons - there are plenty of established historic traditions which are exciting and its love of Guinness is well-known.

Travellers particularly fall in love with the people of Ireland and their unique accent. Hospitality in Ireland is counted among the greatest virtues, dating from the Celtic times when anyone not offering the traveller food or drink was considered shameful, and the country is now legendary for the friendliness of its people. Hospitality finds its institution in the local pub - the centre of social life. Even the smallest towns have numerous pubs and none of them are ever empty. The Irish keep their easy-going attitude to life and they never seem to rush or worry - in Ireland time is the greatest luxury.

When to Go

A&K Europe Travel Experts suggests that the peak months of the tourist season are July and August, so consider visiting in May, June or September if you can. The weather is likely to be at least as good and hotels are less busy. Spring flowers are at their best in April and May, and October offers many arts festivals. Winter days have their own sort of atmosphere but darkness falls early, and many sites and attractions are closed, as are a lot of the hotels in holiday areas. You can have magnificent beaches like Rosses Point near Sligo Town all to yourself, but it may be too cold to swim


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Continent Europe
Language Irish Gaelic/English
Capital Dublin
Population 4,943,200
Area 84,421 km²
Currency Euro

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