Experience the old and new on a luxury tour through Egypt.

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Egypt has made a triumphant comeback in recent years, re-establishing itself as an alluring, exciting, and friendly travel destination. Surround yourself with contemporary comforts, outstanding cuisine, and mesmerising sights  as you holiday in one of the world’s oldest and most vibrant nations, a favourite of intrepid travellers from ancient times to the modern era.

Glide along the Nile River and experience breathtaking desert landscapes aboard one of our luxury river cruisers, or travel in the company of your personal A&K Egyptologist as you discover the eerie underground catacombs of Alexandria’s Kom El Shoqafa and the iconic Pyramids of Giza.

Abercrombie & Kent has set the standard for luxury travel in Egypt for more than three decades. All of our journeys are carefully designed to immerse you in Egypt’s ancient history while treating you to our signature comfort, safety, and style.

Best time to travel to Egypt

Egypt’s hot and sunny climate makes it suitable for year-round travel, although most choose to holiday between October and April when temperatures are moderate. Travellers visiting during Egypt’s summer months (June through September) will enjoy fewer crowds but must contend with sweltering temperatures, scheduling sightseeing during the early morning and late afternoon to avoid the hot midday sun. Egypt’s peak season falls over December and January.

Award-winning luxury holidays in Eygpt

With tourism on the rise, now is the perfect time to plan your visit to Egypt. All of our journeys are paired with specially trained, experienced A&K Egyptologists to accompany you for the duration of your stay. Your guide will see to it you enjoy Egyptian experiences you won’t find anywhere else, taking you behind the scenes of an archaeological dig or visiting Queen Nefertari’s tomb, only recently opened to visitors.  

No Egyptian holiday would be complete without a visit to the 4,500-year-old Pyramids of Giza. More than 2 million stone blocks make up this impressive structure, the oldest of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World still in existence. Descend into the ancient tombs of New Kingdom pharaohs in the hidden Valley of the Kings. Stroll through the colourful marketplaces and bazaars of Cairo and marvel at the mosques and minarets. Sail in a traditional felucca around tiny islands in the Nile and venture to little known temples. Discover Cleopatra’s enchanting world on the Mediterranean coast and uncover stories of Australian diggers at El Alamein. Egypt is vast and varied, with endless opportunity for adventure and indulgence.

Inspired Accommodation

At Abercrombie & Kent, we are committed to ensuring that our guests -no matter where they are in the world -feel safe and well looked after. We seek out these same qualities in the accommodations we choose when preparing your customised Egyptian journey.

The longest river in the world, the Nile stretches nearly 6,700 kilometers through the desert. A cruise on board one of the A&K Sun Boats offers the most unique and memorable way to experience this natural wonder. You will be treated to views of ancient citadels and the backdrop to one of the world’s oldest civilisations. Your home afloat comes complete with sundeck, swimming pool, and beautifully appointed cabins.

Enjoy full-service luxury during a stay at the famous Four Seasons Cairo at the First Residence. Located in the prestigious First Place bank in the heart of Cairo, this elegant retreat is the perfect balance of enchanting views, fine dining, an easy access to shopping and other city adventures.

Destination highlights

Abercrombie & Kent travel experts are committed to highlighting Egypt’s many spoils on our selection of customisable luxury tours. Each itinerary is specifically catered to your preferences and interests to deliver a one-of-a-kind travel experience. Activities include:

  • Marveling over the legendary and mythical Sphinx of Giza
  • Fishing for Nile perch on Lake Nasser, one of the largest man-made lakes in the world
  • Navigating the bustling side streets of Cairo
  • And more…

Featured Egypt Journeys

Private14 days, from AU$10,355
A Portrait of Egypt (sailing Luxor to Aswan) (2019)

With so much to discover in this alluring destination, Egypt deserves in-depth exploration and that’s how we’ve tailored the journey.

Private14 days, from AU$10,355
Private14 days, from AU$10,355
A Portrait of Egypt (sailing Aswan to Luxor) (2019)

With so much to discover in this alluring destination, Egypt deserves in-depth exploration and that’s how we’ve tailored the journey.

Private14 days, from AU$10,355
Group of 1810 days, from AU$8,110
Egypt & the Nile - A Luxury Small Group Journey (2019)

Few destinations capture the imagination like Egypt and this special journey promises an utterly memorable adventure to the heart of an ancient land which travellers have marvelled at for millennia

Group10 days, from AU$8,110
Group of 1214 days, from AU$16,310
Petra to the Pyramids & a Nile Yacht Cruise - A Marco Polo Journey (2019)

Float down the Nile aboard the luxurious, boutique Sanctuary 'Zein Nile Chateau'; discover an Egyptian pyramid from the inside out; and explore ancient Petra, a fabled "rose-red city" with well-preserved Roman ruins.

Group14 days, from AU$16,310


Sanctuary Zein Nile Chateau

Go beyond Luxor and the Valley of the Kings, continuing past some of the most beautiful scenery along the river.

Sanctuary Sunboat IV

Views throughout are magnificent and an intimate bar and lounge area provide the perfect setting to relax and reflect on the day's activities.

Sanctuary Sunboat III

This stylish cruiser combines timeless beauty, grace and cutting-edge efficiency with the discreet ambience of an exclusive club.