The Wonders of South Korea

Discover this fascinating land of contrasts where the ultra-modern sits alongside centuries old monuments. Dive into the sparkling modernity of Seoul, breathe in the serenity of mountain temples and immerse yourself in raw nature on Jeju Island.

Journey Overview

South Korea is both modern and vibrant while also steeped in long established traditions. Experience these contrasting aspects on a journey encompassing the best the country has to offer. Visit ornate temple and palace complexes illustrating the country’s artistic history and culture. Learn about the more recent conflict of the Korean War and the divisions on the peninsula that remain today at the DMZ. Immerse yourself in the practices of Buddhism with the chance to stay at a UNESCO listed temple. Escape to the dramatic volcanic scenery of Jeju Island and lose yourself among the bustling markets and street food vendors of Seoul.

Journey Highlights

  • Discover inner peace as you sample the monastic life, spending a night in an historic temple
  • Don a traditional Korean hanbok robe
  • Enter a sacred Buddhist realm at the UNESCO World Heritage listed Bulguksa Temple
  • Soak up panoramic vistas hiking amidst wildflowers, trickling streams and rugged cliffs on volcanic Mt Halla
  • Witness the lifestyle and culture of the haenyeo women divers of Jeju
  • Learn to make authentic kimchi, Korea’s famous fermented cabbage dish