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Marco Polo Small Group Journeys


  • Limited to 18 Guests
  • Guaranteed Departures with Just Two Guests
  • Insider Access
  • A&K Resident Tour Director
  • Private Transfers
  • Handpicked Accommodations
  • Exotic Destinations
  • Most Gratuities Included
  • Breakfast in Bed

Discover Emerging Destinations & Delve Deeper into Your Interests

Marco Polo Journeys bring adventurous travellers to the world’s most exotic destinations and exclusive events.

Created decades ago to appeal to our most seasoned travellers, Marco Polo Journeys offer a fresh call to adventure with itineraries rich in exotic destinations and unique insider access. For intrepid travellers looking to blaze a trail, we’re going farther afield to uncover the remote wetlands of Brazil’s Pantanal, the desert-dwelling nomads of Namibia and the rock-cut tombs of Hegra in Saudi Arabia. For guests seeking a deeper dive into a special interest, we’re offering a closer look at the world’s most inspiring architecture, wildlife, events and festivals. Whether it’s taking in the soaring skyscrapers of Dubai’s “Little Manhattan,” or joining the revelry of Papua New Guinea’s Independence Day celebrations, these journeys deliver the luxury of access — revealing unexpected new wonders to the traveller who’s seen it all.


Limited to 18 Guests

Guaranteed Departures with Just Two Guests

Insider Access

A&K Resident Tour Director

Private Transfers

Handpicked Accommodations

Exotic Destinations

Most Gratuities Included

Breakfast in Bed


Small Group Journeys

A Journey for Every Traveller

Marco Polo Journeys reveal the world in unique and surprising ways, and to help you choose the adventure that most suits you, we have organised each journey by theme.

Festivals & Events

These journeys are centred on local events and celebrations that show a destination at its most distinctive, from Papua New Guinea’s Mount Hagen Festival to the Chelsea Flower Show — all of which you experience with VIP access.

Wilderness Adventures

Immerse yourself in the untamed wild — in premier A&K style — on a Wilderness Adventure, observing the rare mountain gorilla in Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park.

River & Rail

As every good traveller knows, how you go can be just as important as where. River & Rail journeys feature luxurious interludes on board a stylish river cruiser or train, hearkening back to a more refined and leisurely era of travel. It’s how you get there that makes these journeys so special.

Incredible Cultures

Whether you’re visiting a familiar or less-frequented destination, Marco Polo Journeys take you deep inside to experience it in ways few other travellers do. On an Incredible Cultures departure, look forward to the finest in authentic, exclusive insider-access opportunities everywhere from wine tasting in the vintage room of a Madeira winery to taking a floral masterclass led by the chief florist in a château in France.

An Ideal Group Size

A&K’s small-group size of just 18 opens up a world of insider access opportunities for you and your fellow guests, from private museum openings to visits with local people in their own homes. It means more one-on-one interaction with your Resident Tour Director and also allows A&K to reserve splendid hotels that can’t accommodate the typically larger groups of 40-plus that travel with other companies.

Intimate Groups of Like-Minded Travellers

Seasoned travellers say the best part of a journey is often the people you meet. On an A&K Marco Polo Journey, this extends not just to the fascinating locals you encounter, but to the new friends you meet within your group. Each shares in countless inspiring local encounters with you, ultimately bringing their own unique perspectives and histories and adding to the brilliant tapestry that becomes your journey. Many a lasting friendship has been forged travelling with A&K, and guests who meet on one journey are often fast making plans together for their next.

Going Beyond the Conventional Hotel Room

Transcending the conventional luxury of a five-star luxury hotel, Marco Polo Journeys deepen your cultural immersion with a vast array of properties you won’t find anywhere else. Whether it’s glamping in a ger (traditional Mongolian yurt), or taking tea in the garden of a historic Cotswolds coaching inn, your accommodations are hand-selected to heighten your journey’s sense of place.



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