Indonesia Voyage: Komodo, Papua & Great Barrier Reef (2025)

Discover the rich tribal traditions, tropical seascapes and natural wonders of the paradisiacal South Pacific.

Journey Overview

Discover the tribal traditions, natural wonders and paradisiacal shores of Indonesia, Papua and Australia. Exploring with A&K’s remarkable Expedition Team, enjoy nature walks, local village visits, Zodiac excursions, and opportunities to snorkel and scuba dive. Experience stunning Komodo National Park and its impressive dragon, West Papua’s brilliant marine ecosystems, the storied spice islands of Maluku and Banda, and the astonishing Great Barrier Reef.

Journey Highlights

  • Cruise the remote islands of the South Pacific for 14 nights aboard exclusively chartered Le Jacques Cartier, enjoying a capacity limited to just 148 guests
  • Enjoy two days of exploration in Bali before your cruise, complete with a stay at the luxury Four Seasons Resort Bali at Jimbaran Bay
  • Explore in the company of A&K’s renowned Expedition Team, enjoying an all-encompassing enrichment program and lecture series
  • Come ashore in the UNESCO-designated Komodo National Park, where you may choose to search for the island’s famed Komodo dragon or swim the reefs offshore
  • Discover some of the world’s rarest and most remarkable beaches and marine ecosystems, including West Papua’s Triton Bay and Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, with opportunities to snorkel and scuba dive
  • Visit with remarkable Indigenous peoples on culture-rich islands, meeting with the Takpala in their village on Alor Island and experiencing an Asmat war canoe greeting in Papua
  • Soak in two days on the postcard-worthy Spice Islands, enjoying a far-flung, truly exotic paradise of white sand beaches, brilliant coral reefs and eclectic culture