La Pinta, Galapagos Islands

An ideal choice for travellers looking for a sophisticated, upscale experience of the Galapagos Islands.

Yacht La Pinta is a spacious vessel operated by an incredibly hospitable team. The crew and naturalist guides onboard have a strong attachment to the ancient islands of the Galápagos, and you’re bound to learn a thing or two on board. The yacht was even named after the memory of Lonesome George, the last of the Pinta Island tortoises.

You have constant opportunities to get out and explore the wildlife-abundant reefs, beaches and landscapes. Your expert guide will take you to James Island, Fernandina, Santa Cruz and the Charles Darwin Research Station. The fascinating history and animals of these world-renowned sights will come to life before your eyes.

After a day of hiking, swimming or snorkelling, come back to relaxing outdoor spaces. Enjoy sunbathing, alfresco dining and whale watching in the warm equatorial sun. The sundeck comes equipped with a Jacuzzi, an ideal spot for watching the marine and birdlife all around you. Yacht La Pinta's dining room is a highlight too, offering traditional Ecuadorian delicacies alongside classic European dishes. As you eat, the ship’s wrap-around windows mean that each minute could bring another sighting. You can also experience a wealth of onboard learning, with engaging natural-history lectures and a well-stocked library.

Why we like it

  • This sophisticated yacht boasts some of the largest cabins in the Galápagos, all complete with floor-to-ceiling windows
  • A week-long itinerary promises complete immersion in this unique environment, accompanied by expert guides
  • Enjoy land-based hiking excursions and take to the water for snorkelling, swimming and exciting panga-boat rides

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