Quinta das Lagrimas Hotel, Coimbra

The Quinta das Lagrimas Hotel is a retreat of peace and tranquillity located in the heart of beautiful Coimbra. Housed within an 18th-century palace, which has been restored in all its glory, this monumental hotel — surrounded by 29 acres of lush gardens — honours the love story between the Inês de Castro and Prince Pedro.

Providing a superb choice of accommodation, guests may choose from 55 rooms (of which 19 are connecting and 6 are suites) in the palace, the garden residence or the modern spa building. They will also relish a nine-hole golf course, a romantic lake, two pools and a fine-dining restaurant.

Each season of the year offers a different experience on the sprawling property and all of them are delightful. During summer, the luxuriant gardens turn into an alfresco dining area and the Colina de Camões becomes a stage for the annual Festival of Arts. During spring, the botanical gardens take centre stage, while in Autumn, green gradually gives way to a soft palette of earthy tones. During winter, fireplaces invite guests to retreat to the hotel's cozy rooms for hours of conversation and conviviality.

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