Silks Place Taroko

Perfectly positioned in the Taroko National Park this hotel provides guests with outstanding comfort in the midst of exquisite and dramatic landscapes.

Located within the Taroko National Park, Silks Place offers the perfect base to explore the surrounding natural landscapes. Designed in the modern Chinese style,and combining Taroko's cultural and environmental characteristics, the result is a simple, elegant and relaxing oasis.

This luxurious 160-room hotel makes liberal use of wood and stone while the rooftop infinity pool offers breathtaking views, overlooking the dramatic scenery of the Taroko Gorge. The roof also houses an expansive seating area centred around a firepit, often showcasing creative talent with performances by local artists and musicians entertaining guests.

Indoors there is an additional pool, a yoga and fitness room as well as saunas, steam room and a spa – perfect after a day hiking in the gorge.

Featured Silks Place Taroko Journeys

Private13 days from AU$18,385
Undiscovered Taiwan
Private13 days from $18,385 per person

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Group of 1810 days from AU$18,915

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