Three Camel Lodge

​Spectacularly located against a backdrop of the Altai Mountains, a scattering of felt-covered gers peppers the vast expanse of the Gobi.

Spectacularly located against a backdrop of the Altai Mountains, a scattering of felt-covered gers peppers the vast expanse of the Gobi. This is Three Camel Lodge, an extraordinary ecolodge that celebrates the traditions of Mongolia’s nomads accommodating guests in traditional tents in breathtaking surrounds.

The 40 gers are authentic and locally made from latticed wood covered in thick felt and canvas. Hand-painted, carved furniture, wool carpets and wood-burning stoves have been carefully selected to create a comfortable, warm and luxurious environment. Like the gers, the main lodge reflects its surroundings. It was designed in the style of ancient Buddhist temples, using traditional wooden peg construction and hand-moulded roof tiles.

Throughout the lodge, modern conveniences are subtly integrated into the traditional design. Meals are a combination of western and regional fare, while the cosy bar is the place to recline with a drink and reminisce about the day’s adventures. Other facilities include a spa offering massage treatments, a well-stocked library and an entertainment centre with TV, movies, and games.

The lodge offers a full spectrum of activities to experience the Gobi and become immersed in its intriguing nature and culture, from visits with nomads in their homes to throat-singing performances, and live excavations at the Flaming Cliffs with leading palaeontologists.   

Why we like it

  • Stay in the traditional-style felt tents of Mongolia's nomadic herders
  • Unobstructed views of the majestic desert and the Gobi-Altai Mountains
  • Main lodge designed in the style of an ancient Buddhist temple
  • Admirable environmental and cultural sustainability practices
  • Stargazing across the vast Gobi desert sky

Featured Three Camel Lodge Journeys

Private7 days, from AU$9,580
Mongolia: Nomads & Gers

Private7 days, from AU$9,580