Exclusive Escapes + Open Spaces

Find your own secret part of the world, and enjoy it in truly private luxury.

While the landscape of travel is constantly changing, one thing is always certain – the experts at A&K are waiting to curate your perfect, private escape to a destination tailored especially to you, and your interests.

You choose your travelling companions and enjoy the exclusive use of our recommended superyachts, private islands, homesteads and estates. No matter the locale, your journey with A&K will reconnect you with your friends and family in an absorbing, personalised cocoon of active adventure, leisurely relaxation or cultural immersion.

A secluded island perhaps, relaxing on your own sparkling white sand beach, far from the crowds. Or settling in for a sunset glass of wine, gazing out over the endless African plains in your own safari lodge with the family in tow celebrating a milestone birthday. Or, a private yacht chartered just for you and that someone special, your gateway to the seven seas and tropical riches. Wherever you dream of exploring, getting there can be half the fun. Why not plot your own course and travel by private jet, allowing maximum flexibility and ultimate luxe. Or choose to travel in glamorous style between camps, islands and hideaways by helicopter. Or take the high road in extra large, luxury vehicles where onboard snacks and refreshments, cool towels and Wi-Fi are included offerings. The options are endless, limited only by your imagination.

Privacy is the new luxury. But what does privacy mean to you?

We’re here to help you stitch together your own travel tapestry of whispered secrets, secluded retreats and tailored immersive experiences in unmatched style and comfort and at your chosen pace.

Consider these elements on your bespoke exclusive escape:
Private Luxury Transportation

So your perfect luxury escape to an exciting new destination here at home, or further afield has been crafted, and you are ready to immerse yourself in the landscapes and local highlights. Why not enjoy the flexibility and convenience of chartering a private jet, or helicopter experience and elevate your journey to the next level?

Private Islands & Retreats

Imagine a truly tranquil haven, undisturbed but for the sounds of the ocean, the calls of local wildlife and the relaxed chatter of your chosen travelling companions. Experience some of the world’s dreamiest destinations on a truly immersive adventure, with the time and space to really unwind.

Exclusive Homesteads, Villas & Estates

Because we know the luxury of true escapism - those moments for communing with nature or cocooning in your own magical bubble, encountering new places and experiencing new cultures – we’ve compiled a collection of exclusive villas, estates and luxury homesteads for your next special getaway.

Remote Destinations

Let A&K take you away to the most remote regions on Earth in search of isolated adventure, rugged wilderness and new learnings, somewhere to escape the crowd and discover secluded isolation.

Small Ship & Yacht Charters

Chartering your own vessel is the ultimate travel experience, whether a luxury superyacht, state-of-the-art river cruiser, small expeditionary ship or intimate barge, you’ll journey at your own pace, in sheer comfort and with your own chosen companions.

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