A&K's Extraordinary Impact Speakers Series

Over the past year or so when hosting physical events has not been possible, we have kept in touch with you by a variety of means. One of these has been via our newly launched Extraordinary Impact Speakers Series, where some of our most admired friends and partners have appeared virtually to share their story. We recorded each series so you have the opportunity to listen and watch below:

Meet our very own Keith Sproule, Executive Director of Abercrombie & Kent Philanthropy

Keith Sproule was our first Extraordinary Speaker we had in 2020 as he shared important information on how Abercrombie & Kent Philanthropy (AKP) was supporting its 125,000 community members worldwide during this COVID-19 global crisis.

AKP has remained fully committed to supporting vulnerable communities since the pandemic hit and we’d like to share a virtual update on the life-changing initiatives Keith and his dedicated team have put in place.

Meet indigenous trailblazer, Dr Lois Peeler AM

Watch the below presentation from the inspirational Dr Lois Peeler AM, Principal of Worawa Aboriginal College, as she shares her story and the evolving journey of Worawa, its mission and the positive impact on the lives of young Aboriginal women.

An indigenous trailblazer, Dr Peeler was the first Aboriginal model, a member of The Sapphires band who toured war-torn Vietnam and a recipient of many accolades for her services to Australian tourism and indigenous affairs.

Learn more by reading her full biography here and click here for more information on our Insider Access Experience at Worawa Aboriginal College.

Meet Award-Winning Photographer Palani Mohan

At A&K, we pride ourselves on our network of passionate experts, bringing unparalleled insight and knowledge to our journeys as they share their experiences.

One such person is the renowned photographer and acclaimed author Palani Mohan, who has previously led A&K's adventure to experience Mongolia's Golden Eagle Festival. His experience living among the tribes of the traditional eagle hunters produced some of his most iconic work and provides a unique insight to this incredible journey.

Indian born, Australian raised, and now living in Dubai, Palani’s work has been widely published by many of the world’s leading publications. He is the author of six books including his latest – Wind, Water. His work has been recognised with distinguished awards in photography including World Press Photo, Picture of the Year International, CHIPP, Communication Arts, and Sony International.

Meet esteemed arts & travel polymath Kenneth Park

A long-time friend and A&K traveller, esteemed arts and travel polymath Kenneth Park shared some of his own travel highlights, both as a guest and guide on A&K journeys, within Australia and abroad. And in addition to an impressive travelling track record, Kenneth also works as a freelance lecturer, curator, tour leader, presenter and fundraiser, lending his skills to projects all around the world.

Having worked with A&K for over thirty years leading art-focused adventures, he is Curator of Collections at Wesley College Melbourne where he manages an extensive art and archival collection. Kenneth’s wide-ranging studies include fine arts, history, museum studies, political science, industrial relations, and international relations.

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