Cruising the Greek Isles (2024)

Set sail on A&K’s bestselling voyage to idyllic Greece, exploring ancient ruins, volcanic vineyards and hidden gems.

Journey Overview

Sail on A&K’s bestselling cruise to Greece and explore ancient ruins and natural marvels. Joined by A&K experts, visit iconic sites such as Athens and Mykonos, as well as lesser-known gems, including Patmos, Delos and Monemvasia. Go off the beaten path in Santorini with an exclusive wine tasting, hike to the Monastery of St. John in Patmos and soak up the sun with leisurely breaks on the region’s most spectacular beaches.

Journey Highlights

  • Experience the benefits of small-ship cruising in Greece, with access to lesser-known Patmos, Crete and Monemvasia
  • Enjoy an exclusive A&K evening event in Athens featuring a unique venue, local cuisine and live entertainment
  • Privately visit a picturesque organic farm in Crete, where you participate in a cooking demonstration and sample fresh ingredients at their source
  • Sample celebrated Santorini wines during an exclusive excursion led by a wine expert

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