Sardinia Unveiled: Land of History and Legends

Beyond thousands of kilometres of unspoilt coastline, lapped by impossibly blue waters, lies Sardinia, an island of extraordinary beauty featuring enigmatic ruins, stunning beaches, a wild interior and mouthwatering cuisine.

  • Europe, Italy
  • 7 days from AU$15,940pp (low season)
  • Private

Journey Overview

Beyond thousands of kilometres of unspoilt coastline, lapped by impossibly blue waters, lies an island of extraordinary beauty. Sardinia’s pristine beaches are a magnet for the glamourous jet setters in their mega-yachts. However, it is the island’s wild and rugged interior, dotted with archaeological sites that pre-date Rome, and the rich local customs and traditions that will leave you enthralled. Sardinia’s mountainous landscapes are peppered with forests and thousands of Bronze-age stone structures, shaped like beehives. Cagliari is the island’s capital, and one of Sardinia’s most fascinating destinations with a charming medieval quarter, lined narrow streets. Immerse yourself in the captivating culture of this Italian gem as you discover its enigmatic ruins, untamed beauty and mouthwatering cuisine.

Journey Highlights

  • Discover the rich military history of the islands in the impressively fortified towns of Cagliari and Corte
  • Unlock the ancient secrets of the mysterious nuraghi at ‘Su Nuraxi’ di Barumini and La Prisgiona
  • Sample artisanal honey and savour fine wine made from a grape variety cultivated on the islands for centuries
  • Discover the secrets of traditional cheesemaking at a local sheep farm Hike to the spectacular white sands of Cala Luna and explore the stunning coastline of the Gulf of Orosei by boat
  • Cruise the impossibly blue waters of the Maddalena Archipelago National Park on a handsome vintage sailboat

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