Tour Tasmania's inspirational Raptor Refuge from home

Tour Tasmania's inspirational Raptor Refuge from home
August 2020

As we wait with bated breath to explore spectacular destinations both near and far, captivating virtual experiences can help us travel without even leaving home. We invite you to take a virtual tour with us of Tasmania’s Raptor Refuge, proudly supported by Abercrombie & Kent Philanthropy (AKP).

Located south of Hobart, the Raptor Refuge is the only one of its kind in the southern hemisphere which, under the guidance of passionate conservationist Craig Webb, takes in injured birds of prey and, with a small team of volunteers, rehabilitates them for return to the wild.

Located in a wilderness area, the refuge comprises a number of aviaries, including the largest flight aviary in the country, educational displays and a clinic where birds are cared for and brought back to health in readiness for release into the wild.

Helping injured raptors to soar again

A&K travellers in Tasmania have the unique opportunity to visit the refuge and enjoy a level of access beyond anything that is offered to the general public and other guests. While we may not be able to visit in person right now, Craig and his team have put together this engaging virtual tour of the refuge, showcasing the work they do, and some of the feathered residents benefiting from rehabilitative care.

Take the tour for yourself below, and you can check out more about the Raptor Refuge on the AKP website.