A&K Expert guide to the Northern Lights tours

A&K Northern Lights tours provide an enchanting opportunity to witness the celestial spectacle of the Aurora Borealis — a moment you’ll remember forever.
December 2023

The luminous Northern Lights, also known as the aurora borealis, are the holy grail of skywatching. To see the cinematic phenomenon on a Northern Lights tour is an unforgettable gift — a chance for rare photography — and a moment you’ll remember forever.

It is impossible to guarantee a sighting of the Northern Lights, but if luck is on your side, and you’re in the right destination with the right conditions (as close as possible to the North Pole), you stand an excellent chance.

Here are a few rules of thumb: go as far north as you can in Iceland, Norway or Finland; aim for the middle of winter (if possible) when the weather is the coldest; and ensure it is a clear black night (or day) with no cloud cover, and minimal light pollution.

We can whisk you away to witness the mesmerising dance of colorful lights in the night sky on a range of exquisite Northern Lights holidays designed just for you. Read on for the best places on earth to see the Northern Lights, and how.


While Iceland is packed with places to see the Northern Lights, we recommend Selfoss as your most likely bet, nestled in the heart of the Golden Circle. This is an excellent location due to its isolated location and zero light pollution. A stay at Torfhus Retreat is the ideal place to do it. Merging into the surrounding meadows with roofs covered in grass and wildflowers, each room comes with its own basalt stone hot pool — the perfect place to soak your bones while you keep your eyes on the black, inky sky.

Iceland & the Northern Lights
7 days from AU$14,980 pp


The vibrant city of Tromsø is the gateway to the Norwegian Arctic, and dark nights here offer excellent odds of seeing the Northern Lights. Located at 69° North, its icy fjords and craggy peaks are the perfect place for an Arctic adventure. Head out into the wilderness on an exhilarating reindeer sleigh ride and keep your eyes on the star-speckled sky. Occasionally, you may even see them in the city. We recommend staying at Clarion the Edge which is right by the harbour to see the rare display reflected in the water.

Norway Winter Odyssey
10 days from AU$16,595pp


The Northern Lights are spotted on roughly 200 nights a year in Finnish Lapland — offering you a solid chance to see the spectacle. Head to Rovaniemi or Saariselka where you can hunt for the aurora borealis on a snowshoeing adventure or on a snowmobile. It will need to be later in the day, and as dark and clear as possible. Our favourite luxury accommodation for sightings is the Arctic Snow Hotel near Rovaniemi, where you can sleep in a 360-degree Glass Igloo with access to the dancing lights all night long.

Northern Lights in Finnish Lapland
8 days from $21,215 pp

Finland & Sweden: Adventure Across Lapland – A Small Group Journey (2024)
Averaging 13 guests
11 days from $24,720 pp

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