10 Reasons To Visit Antarctica This Year

Penguins, icebergs, real-life explorers — there are countless reasons why an Antarctica cruise is a true trip of a lifetime.
February 2024

By Nina Kokotas Hahn, A&K Staff Writer

One of the last wild frontiers in the world, Antarctica — often referred to as the White Continent — is a bucket-list destination for every intrepid traveller. Check out our top 10 reasons to visit the elusive seventh continent this year on a luxury Antarctica cruise with A&K.

Every Antarctica cruise points straight to penguin playgrounds

The unofficial ambassadors of Antarctica, penguins come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from the small black-and-white Adélie to the orange-trimmed king, both found exclusively in the Antarctic region. Penguins have no innate fear of humans and visitors often find themselves approached by the curious birds.

Translucent icebergs make for the most breathtaking Antarctica scenery

With its towering blue icebergs, Antarctica is like a vast, open-air museum of ever-changing sculptures, as awe-inspiring as any natural wonder on earth. On A&K Expeditions, navigate among these floating giants on a nimble Zodiac boat, piloted by an expert naturalist guide who shares insight and stories along the way.

Insta-worthy photos come in abundance

If you have a passion for photographing wildlife and spectacular scenery, Antarctica is the place for you. You’ll see animals you won’t find anywhere else along with landscapes like the Lemaire Channel, known as ‘Kodak Alley’ for its picturesque cliffs and placid waters. Enjoy ready access and lectures from a dedicated A&K Photo Coach, on hand to help you capture that perfect shot with anything from an SLR to your mobile phone.

An A&K Antarctica expedition means a voyage with real-life explorers

The secret to a truly enriched and fascinating Antarctic voyage is to do it under the wing of an amazing expedition team. These folks have the power to add a whole new dimension to your experience, revealing things you may not otherwise see. You won’t find a more experienced or brilliant team than A&K’s Expedition Team, made up of award-winning experts on everything from penguins to plankton to natives of the Southern Ocean who are deeply in tune with Antarctica’s ever-changing sea, ice and weather conditions.

Antarctica will make you an informed conservationist

Warming temperatures and rising sea level around our planet impact our polar regions most immediately — and it’s a great privilege to see these changes firsthand in Antarctica. With A&K, take in this experience alongside an Expedition Team that includes research scientists and recipients of the Polar Medal, who share research, moving stories of a dynamically changing ecosystem, and what that means for the rest of the world.

Everyone in the family will experience a life-changing Antarctica expedition

An Antarctica cruise makes an unforgettable impression on travellers of all ages, including younger explorers who find themselves far removed from the online world and totally immersed in a one-of-a-kind wilderness. Kids see first-hand how climate change affects the world and learn about the region through fun, hands-on activities designed exclusively for them by expert A&K Young Explorer Guides.

Arrive like an expert

Before each excursion ashore, an Expedition Team member or scholarly expert delivers a lively, informal briefing that provides invaluable background to help you get the most out of your visit. Topics range from the history of polar exploration to the migratory habits of seabirds, all delivered from a unique personal perspective that makes each subject come alive.

Uncover incredible heroic history

Antarctica’s rich history is one of the most interesting things about it, and visitors discover a colourful legacy of larger-than-life explorers and adventurers. See the remnants of an old whaling station on South Georgia and drink a toast at the grave of Ernest Shackleton, who led his stranded expedition to safety without losing a single man.

Claim your seventh continent

For many, the White Continent is the seventh and last continent on their travel bucket list. Setting foot on Antarctica is a thrilling moment for any traveller, one we want to share with everyone who craves inspiring adventure.

Find peace and tranquility amid rare Antarctica scenery

One of the few places on earth governed by peace and science, the stillness found sailing on an Antarctica cruise through stunning iceberg-laden waters is something you simply can’t experience anywhere else. Imagine yourself surrounded by the sounds of braying penguins and wind, with views of towering glaciers and massive icebergs, and the coolest and freshest air filling your lungs, allowing you to truly reflect on the beauty of this unique landscape.

To learn more about how you can take your own journey through the Patagonian wilderness, click on one of the journeys below, get in touch with our Journey Designers on (03) 9536 1800 or click here to craft the adventure of a lifetime.

Antarctic Cruise Adventure (2024)
Embark on the Luxury Expedition Cruise of a lifetime to extraordinary Antarctica, where towering icebergs and massive glaciers showcase flawless beauty.
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Antarctica, South Georgia & Falklands Expedition (2025)
Explore the colourful Falkland Islands, unspoiled South Georgia with its rookeries of king penguins, and epic Antarctica.
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