Experience Easter Island

Guarded by some 400 gigantic stone statues, Rapa Nui (Easter Island) has long tempted adventurous souls keen to unravel its mysteries.

Journey Overview

Guarded by some 400 gigantic stone statues, Rapa Nui (Easter Island) has long tempted adventurous souls keen to unravel its mysteries. See why on your own discovery of this beguiling island, one of the most isolated places on Earth, perched in the middle of the South Pacific. Uncover the secrets of the ‘moai’ statues, or simply let your imagination speculate why and how they were erected.  

Journey Highlights

  • Visit extinct volcanoes on each of the island’s three corners 
  • Marvel at the mysterious carved stone statues, moai     
  • Hear tales from local islanders over an intimate dinner     
  • Hike to the volcanic crater of Rano Raraku, where hundreds of moai were carved    
  • Step into the ceremonial village of Orongo, heart of the Birdman cult

Journey Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive Easter Island.

Welcome to Easter Island, a tiny speck of volcanic rock in the Pacific Ocean, located some 3,700 km from mainland Chile. For centuries, this island has fascinated and intrigued travellers and scholars alike. Upon arrival, you will be met by your A&K representative who will accompany you to your eco village and your platform for discovery.
Hanga Roa Eco Village & Spa (Kainga Room)

Day 2: Easter Island.

Unravel the enduring mysteries of Easter Island, the most remote inhabited island in the world, on your guided tour. Hike to the volcanic crater of Rano Raraku, where hundreds of monolithic statues (moai) were carved. Marvel at the haunting yet sublimely beautiful works of art, some standing, some fallen, some unfinished. Continue to the majestic platform of Ahu Tongariki to see the line of moai looking inland towards the hills. Then, admire the largest moai ever erected – a towering figure carved out of volcanic rock. Later, stroll along the soft white sands of Anakena.
Hanga Roa Eco Village & Spa (Kainga Room) | Meals: BL

Day 3: Easter Island.

Step back in time to Ahu Vinapu and discover ancient architecture from the early islanders. Climb up to the Rano Kau peak on the southwestern corner to the ceremonial village of Orongo. Unveil myths of the so-called Birdman cult that replaced the moai. Marvel at the vistas across the three islets of Motu Nui, Motu Iti and Motu Kao-Kao. This evening, you’re invited to dine with a local family where you’re promised an evening filled with stories, new friendship and excellent food.
Hanga Roa Eco Village & Spa (Kainga Room) | Meals: BD

Day 4: Easter Island.

Enjoy a day at leisure to continue to explore this remote volcanic island with its towering stone heads and their intriguing mystery on foot or horseback. Trek to Panu Pau crater and Ana Te Pahu, where you will explore a natural lava tube cave once used for shelter by ancient islanders (additional cost). Or choose a horseback ride to Ahu Akivi to visit seven restored moai. Then onwards to Maunga Terevaka volcano, the highest point on the island, for rewarding views (additional cost). Later, celebrate your exploration and discoveries with a sundowner surrounded by moai at Ahu Ko Te Riku and toast to the big mystery of this tiny island.
Hanga Roa Eco Village & Spa (Kainga Room) | Meals: B

Day 5: Depart Easter Island.

Private transfer back to Mataveri airport for your onward journey.
Meals: B

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Hanga Roa Eco Village & Spa

Experience Easter Island

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